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SPADE bridges the gap between software developers and users in the medical, agricultural, and environmental sciences. Our group supports a community-based biomolecular structure software package called SPADE, the Structural Proteomics Application Development Environment. SPADE puts computational structural biology within reach; available applications, tools, and datasets are listed, downloaded, and launched, all with just a few mouse clicks.

This infrastructure provides an easy-to-program molecular system object with a tightly-associated molecular viewer object. To demonstrate the deployment of free software applications, SPADE offers SequencePad, a useful multiple sequence alignment tool. SPADE and SequencePad have been released under the liberal BSD license, to support interaction between each of the academic, government, and commercial sectors.


12/16/2016: Released SPADE on github at

7/8/2014: Updated SequencePad to work with more recent versions of BioPython.

6/1/2014: Developer installation instructions have been added to the installation page.

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